Free homework help can get you in troubles

Homework can be a real drag. You work all day, in class, and do all that is required, yet are still expected to take work home! It is sometimes tempting to get a little assistance with this, and to ease the burden a little. But, even though getting free homework help can be tempting, and can seem like a way of saving time, it can, in the long run, and indeed the short run, cause you more problems! So, why should you avoid free homework help?

  1. You Will Get Found Out!
  2. Firstly, free homework help is a little, or a lot, like cheating! There are some occasions when paying a tutor, or a professional, for a little guidance, can be legitimate. However, simply getting someone else to do your homework is likely to get you in hot water: tutors are not stupid, and are likely to be aware of the work that you are liable to produce!

  3. You May Get Examined
  4. There is a high possibility that the questions that your homework asks of you are asked in order to prepare you for a later examination. That means, that if you have not completed your homework, you will have absolutely no idea how to answer the question in an exam. And we cannot get others to do those for us, can we?!

  5. You Have No Recourse to recompense
  6. Paying a professional for a job comes with certain guarantees: the professional will have to do a good job, because they would not get paid, otherwise, and also, a professional will want a positive review and reputation, so they will work hard for your. Free help means no payment, no review, no obligation to do any work at all, let alone good work!

  7. You Will Not Advance
  8. If you continue to get others to do your work, you will, inevitably, fall behind the reset of the class, and homework will continue, but because you will have missed vital information in the earlier work, it will seem impossible. You will find yourself trapped, unable to keep up!

Free homework help may seem like a labour saving approach, but in truth, it will get you in many kinds of trouble, both in the short term, and the long term. So, knuckle down.

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