Is There any Reliable Homework Assistance Online for 5th Graders

To the question, “is there any reliable assistance online for 5th graders?” the answer is most emphatically, “YES.” There is assistance on the web for all children from the ages of two on up.

Today, the internet is helping everyone from toddlers to teens master reading, reading comprehension, vocabulary, sentence construction, physical science, biological science, American history, and all aspects of math.

In fact, if you are in fifth grade, it is time that you get to know the internet for the wonderful educational resource that it is.

The Internet—The University of the 20th Century

If you want to know how much help is on the internet for fifth graders, try Googling “help for fifth graders math” and watch the search engine explode with results.

There is countless help for fifth graders as well as students of all ages and in all kinds of courses. What you want to do if find the highest quality help you can for your fifth grader, right?

Therefore, start sifting through the muck for the goldmine.

Try doing searches for reputable websites from respected educational institutions—not just individuals who might want you to buy some “not free” guide to helping your fifth grader to succeed in school.

Try reading parents’ and teachers’ reviews of the quality sites for fifth graders. This way you can find some of the best help on the web.

You’ll also want to search for the type of help your student might need.

Try Taking a Test First to Determine Weak Areas

Try searching for “tests to determine areas my fifth grade student needs help in.” This kind of search will yield all kinds of tests that help evaluate areas that your fifth grader might need to get help in.

Then, you can find quality help based exactly on your students needs

Interactive Exercises in Problem Areas

Once you know your student’s problem areas in math, reading, or any other subject, the internet provides a wealth of interactive exercises that students can perform that will give them positive reinforcement whether the student gets the question right or wrong. For example, say your student is trying to master long division. IF the student gets the answer right, the exercise will reward them with a big gold star or icon that screams “good job.” And if wrong, they will explain why its wrong and how to make it right.

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