Answers to Social Studies homework may be found in a variety of places and by a variety of means. Obvious places to look would be the Internet, the library, and in bookstores. People to consult could include Instructors, Upper Classmen, Librarians, Counselors, Departmental staff members, and others. These professionals may be able to save the student time and energy by directing them to who else may be able to help them, where to look, and/or what to look for. They may be able to suggest what kind of timing the student should use and when might be a good time to seek out the answers for what the student is looking. For example, if the student’s subject had to do with agriculture, the summer months might certainly be a good time to schedule some field trips. Timing, the point is, can make a big difference in properly conducted research. If the timing is poor, the student may not find the answers for which he or she is searching.

The student should search for resources such as books, websites, search engines, etc. The student should begin, though, with a careful review of the resources, which the Instructor presents to him or her.  It could benefit the student from reviewing, reading, and studying the syllabus, the course and school websites, and related websites, etc. The student must understand that he will benefit from researching his subject in the above and other places.

In Social Studies, the student should look for common core topics. It is in the research and references that the students finds, in which the answers to the Social Studies homework may be uncovered.

Each of the following subjects may be researched and explored.

  • Primary Sources of Social Studies
  • Cosmo Learning, Word Generation
  • Picturing America
  • History Labs
  • Academic Vocabulary
  •  History Tech
  •  American Graduation
  •  iEarn USA
  • Annenberg Learner

Once the students get a knack for research, the possibilities will appear unlimited for them. The volume of information available, particularly now that the Internet is available to almost any student, is vast. Resources listed above should generate ideas in the thoughtful student about how to search for the answers they need.

The student should not neglect the textbooks and the assignments, which the Instructor has selected for the class.  The books should be read from cover to cover to provide a proper framework for a basic understanding of the subject matter.

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