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It can be so frustrating to just sit there and watch your child struggle with their homework. You think that there has to be something that you can do except school has changed so much since you learned all that you needed to know in that grade. Every year, the curriculum changes, making it harder for parents to help their kids with their homework alone. Luckily you don’t have to do it alone; there are several good websites that can help you and your child to get the homework done quick and easy. Some of the best sites to use are listed below, along with what resources they have and how they can help your child learn.

Good Sites

  • Time for kids
  • RefDesk
  • PATH
  • Time for Kids

This site shows kids how to write all different kinds of papers that they may need to learn. It helps you make flash cards for tests and has a way to teach kids better grammar so they can be better at English. They have a lot of resources that you should try out and use to help your child learn.


This site has the entire grade levels laid out so your child can pick the grade they are in and start learning right away. They have helped with all of the major subjects and they are completely free to use. This site also has great resources for common school issues as well.


PATH stands for, Pupils Ask, Teachers Help. This site offers students the ability to chat live with a teacher, use the message boards to discuss questions and get the right answers and even email a teacher a question or problem that they are having. These resources can be of great help with school work. They offer help with pretty much any subject that you can think of and your child really learns while doing these things. It is an easy way for them to receive straight answers to questions that are on their minds.

Being able to help your child learn is a wonderful thing. Being there when they make that big breakthrough or solve that problem for the first time is a wonderful experience and all of these sites are tailor made to help kids learn right in front of you. You can be there for them every step of the way.

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