Managing Homework Stress: 7 Helpful Tricks

“Homework.” While there is a good rationale for it, the very mention of the word these days can cause stress and anxiety in children. This is largely due to an over-emphasis on academic achievement which results in too much work being assigned to children.

It is fast becoming a serious problem that manifests in stress-related behaviors, and in extreme cases can lead to suicide attempts.

Here are seven helpful ‘tricks’ that parents can do to manage and reduce the stress homework causes their children:

  1. Recognize and Identify the Problem
  2. Before any problem can be solved, it is necessary for people to recognize that it is an issue and be able to identify the signs that indicate that a child is affected by the stresses of too much homework.

  3. Teach Children How to Manage Their Time
  4. One of the causes of stress is trying to do too much in too little time. Some advance time-planning can easily overcome this.

    Setting aside time for homework in a child’s daily routine helps the child focus on what is to be done and not leave it to the last minute, thus causing unnecessary anxiety.

  5. Encourage “Play” Time and Sleep
  6. “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” is important now more than ever before.

    Parents should incorporate time for play in their children’s schedule. With the proper balance, adequate playtime will contribute to kids being more alert and more inspired to work on school matters.

    Children should also get enough sleep to help them rejuvenate.

  7. Play an Active Role
  8. Parents who take an interest in their children’s schoolwork can make a considerable difference in helping them with difficulties they might face while doing their work.

    Needing to complete an assignment and not knowing how to do it, can add to a child’s stress.

  9. Have Realistic Expectations
  10. All children want to live up to the expectations of their parents. What ‘success’ means in the family plays an important role in creating or reducing stress in a child.

    Parents need to ensure that the goals that they have for their kids do not result in unrealistic pressure on the children to perform beyond their capabilities.

    Children should know that effort is valued more than results since the former is within their control and the latter, not.

  11. Monitor Children’s School Activities
  12. Are children expected to do too much by their teachers? Are they required to be involved in too many extra-curricular activities that they are either too tired or have little time for homework?

    If the answer is “yes” to any of these questions, then parents should approach the school authorities and find a way to ease the demands on their children.

  13. Be Supportive
  14. Children should know that they can share their problems with their parents. Having supportive parents who understand takes a load off children’s minds and ease the feeling of being ‘helpless’.

These 7 ‘tricks’ can make a big difference in reducing the stress homework causes a child.

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