Math Is Tough For Most People

The hardest subject for homework is Math unless you are a math genius or a natural. If it doesn’t come naturally to you then it is probably  going to always be difficult even into later life unless you get help in really understanding the subject. Some people are dyslexic and cannot read or spell. Others cannot count or do mental arithmetic, they have problems with financial transactions or even counting their change and this will stay the same for the rest of their lives.

Finding Someone To Help

If your  math teacher cannot teach you the essentials then you may need private tutoring to get you up to speed on the subject. If direct one to one teaching doesn’t  work and you have really tried to get on top of the Math then it probably means that you are having problems dealing with figures. It’s embarrassing in class when others see that you just can’t do it, so it’s difficult to ask friends to help. Your parents may be able to help if they have the time and aren’t too exhausted after work, or may be a brother of sister.

Using The Web

There is the option of the web. There are sites which will do your homework for you provided you pay them. You need to research these sites carefully and check on their testimonials from students. There is a whole industry devoted to student term papers and math tests. Providing you can use a credit card and money you can use  these sites to do your homework. Perhaps the teacher might wonder if the homework is really yours but probably it’s easier to get away with than written work. Literacy and Numeracy are the two vital areas of education. If you get your homework done for you online you really have to go through it to make sure you understand the process by which the solution is arrived at. If you don’t understand that you pass the exam but you haven’t understood anything which is the original purpose of the exam. You’ve paid the money but you haven’t learned anything. This is why getting others to do the work for you is wrong because you disenfranchise yourself from the learning process.

The school and college system is at fault because it concentrates so much on exams and not on getting students to understand.

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