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The term homework usually brings about a negative connotation. Homework’s association with more work for a student to complete on their spare time at home has garnered a reputation detested among students. Except, what might be the reason to bring forth such a hated nature on small scale assignments? The modus operandi may stem from the fact that the quality of education provided in public institutional facilities within the United States, is no more for educational purposes, as processed nutrient deficient foods, also known as junk food, is healthy. And, this stark revelation shows with the introduction of educational programs, such as Education 2000, Common Core, and universal pre-kindergarten, to name a few. The cognitive ability of today’s youth has become extremely stunted, as analytically based capabilities are no longer required under these programs. Students are told to wholeheartedly rely on the instability of their emotional vulnerabilities creating cases of instability. The State dictates what is not only mandatory, but becomes conscious reality. The overall statistical data shows that the intelligence quotient (IQ) of the United States is one of the lowest in the entire world. So, what can be done?

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Whether you call it the information age, or the technocratic institutionalization of the future, we can agree, at least, that, despite all of the negatives there can be positives. As through balance scientifically explained in Newton’s third law of motion, positives and negatives recalibrate to be proportionate with one another. This is especially true when considering the easy accessibility of information. No longer do people solely rely on visiting libraries for reference materials, but are able to conveniently conduct Internet based research online. The Internet, therefore, has become a means for people to obtain the things they need. And, tutoring services catering to homework help is no different. Commencing with a basic no-frills browser search of keywords, such as “homework help,” “homework tutoring help,” “homework tutor,” and “homework assistant tutor,” can propel one forward in attaining website link resources. Note, that the information received from these website sources, may not always be what you are looking for. But, in keeping this in mind, and thoroughly research each and every website sponsored information source you come about, will further help you in the decision making process, in which weighing the pros and cons will be essential.

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