How to Choose Trustworthy Homework Helpers for Kids

When trying to help kids with homework, that the parent is not good at, it is a challenge to find good help. The help has to be trustworthy, and knowledgeable. So who can provide this? In this article will be pointers on how to choose good, trustworthy helpers for kids. And it will start at home.

  1. Setting up a homework area
  2. Tutors
  3. Web sites
  4. Good resources

Setting up a homework area

The first thing a parent needs to do, is to set up a good work area for the child. A table, shelves/desk with drawers, to hold pencils, paper, folders, and other supplies the child will need. Even having a few snacks is not a bad idea. But the main goal is to have everything they need at hand so they do not have to move too much to get them. This needs to be in a quiet place so they are not disturbed.


Ask other parents, school counselor, teachers, and in many cases the public or school library. Other parents may have had to get help for their child and know a good tutor that can help. Schools especially the school counselor will know of a valuable and trusted source for tutors. Many times a teacher knows of a student from college, that does this to help pay for their way. Usually these students are education majors so this helps them as well. It is not unusual that a library will know of students from college that work on the side as tutors. They might even know of a few organizations that supply tutors that have had their background checks as well.

Web Sites

There are a number of web sites devoted to helping students with their homework. Again, ask around to good sources about these sites. Teachers, school counselors, and libraries. Most of these sites are trustworthy, and have valuable resources. Some have online tutors that can help the child, some have collection of articles to help the child understand their work better. Other sites, like the .ed, and .org, are professional sites that can have useful information the child can use.

Good Resources

Having a good selection of books like dictionaries, thesaurus, and different reference books. These give the child places to look for information on their own. Another resource is software, there are a number of good homework software based on the majority of subjects taught. They are usually grade based, so they will have a better chance of being useful.

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