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For many people physics can be a challenging subject that may require some additional assistance in understanding the fundamentals and dynamics that surround it. Therefore, it may be necessary and even beneficial to seek homework help online for students who find they struggle to understand. This article will inform you of various different online tools you can utilize and where you can find them…for free!

The Physics Classroom

The Physics Classroom is a free online physics website that allows students and teachers to both build and enhance their knowledge of physics.  It has many different sections that promote a deeper understanding of physics and all that it encompasses. The following is a list of what The Physics Classroom has to offer:

  • The Physics Classroom Tutorial is where students can learn the basics of physics with easy to understand terminology and visual examples. This section includes actual lessons for teachers and students as well as a Check Your Understanding section.

  • Minds on Physics Internet Modules have interactive exercises that pinpoint common misunderstandings. They provide instant feedback as well as question specific assistance.

  • The Calculator Pad gives word problem exercises with an audio file that provides directions on how to complete the problems. This is used for students who need guided practice.

  • The Review Session is a test review tool used for test preparation.

While The Physics Classroom may not be the type of tool where a homework problem can be input and answered directly, it is definitely a beneficial asset for someone looking to understand physics, which will assist them in answering their homework problems themselves.

  • Jiskha Homework Help

    Jiskha is a homework help site that allows a student to input a question directly and receive an answer. There is a set schedule and list of tutors that allows students to find the day, date, and time for physics and input their questions to the tutor to have it answered directly. While Jiskha may not be a teaching tool like The Physics Classroom, it is a viable resource that can be used to receive free homework assistance.

  • HippoCampus
  • HIppoCampus is a free academic web site that uses various multimedia to assist in learning such as:

    • Videos
    • Animations
    • Simulations

    While HippoCampus does not provide specific question and answer assistance, it does have a set list of topics in physics that can enhance the learning and understanding of the subject matter.

When trying to find free homework help it is important to understand that many sites available are not free. Most homework sites require a membership, trial, or standard monthly fee. It is imperative to make sure that the resources being sought out are truly of no cost to the user.

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