The 8 Most Useful Homework Tips For Parents From Professionals

Seeing your child struggle with homework is almost as being back to school again. Deep down this situation, when you cannot solve the math problem, is still familiar. You want to help your child through it, but still think they shall learn how to do it themselves instead of turning to you for help each time. Or the one, who struggle is you, trying to finally get your naughty child to study. Don't worry, you are for sure not the first parent to come this way. Here are a few tips on how to make the evenings in your house much easier.

Create a specific place for studying in your house.

A comfortable place, where your children could spend time, working at their homework is very important to create a studying atmosphere. It will help your child concentrate on the task. If the place is well-decorated, your child will want to spend more and more time in there.

  • It has to be well-lit, possibly decorated with light colors.
  • Make it a separated part of the room to make sure nothing will distract your child.
  • Supply the materials your child will need. Try to buy pencils/ notebooks with your child's favorite cartoon hero/ superhero.

Show your support and appreciation.

There is nothing more important for children, than seeing their parents approve what they do. You need to pay attention to the success your child makes at school and make sure they know how proud you are. Also, if your child sees that you do the same kind of work they do for the homework, they will want to follow you.

  • Reward your child when some part of homework is completed or if they bring a good grade.
  • Sit down next to your child doing assignments and try to do a similar task: read something, do some work at home etc.

Help with time-management.

If you have grown up to understand how to manage your time successfully, teach your child the same. Show them how to create to-do lists, what tasks to complete first, how to keep track of homework that is already completed.

  • Set specific hours for homework everyday. Never make concessions.
  • Think what you would do with each particular task, but don't forget that children don't do things as easily as grown-ups.
  • Start with homework an hour or two after your child comes home – never leave it for the late evening.

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