Why Homework Is Bad For Kids: 5 Fresh Thoughts

Since the past few decades, the education industry has experienced a 40% increase in the trend of home assignments. Teachers assign more and more tasks, quizzes, tests and complicated assignments to students for them to attempt at home. This is not only challenging for students but also for parents who need to spend more time to understand the requirements and then explain them to their kids. It will make the parents more vulnerable and the students less confident about their own creativity and skills.

It is not necessary that homework should not exist at all. The debate is not on the concept of assigning home tasks to revise the class subjects but on the amount and complexity of it. Research shows that students from high school should have 2 hours that they will dedicate to their studies after school. Our current ratio is pretty higher from this even for elementary school kids.

Even though homework is good for students to revise their concepts but here are five great ideas to help you understand why home tasks are not as good as you think they are

1. They are repetitive in nature

Even though different schools have different patterns and syllabus for the educational semester, most of them still assign similar assignments to students. It is monotonous and boring for a student to attempt same old stuff in class and at home. Students will have a better learning only if they are finding out new ideas and attempting fun filled tasks. A teacher usually has a class of 30 or more students to tackle. They cannot design custom assignments for each student and his capabilities

2. They kill the creativity of the students

When students stick to a set pattern a format for all the academic assignments, it prevents them from learning new ideas and kills their creativity. Students should be able to have flexibility and write in their own unique style.

3. They are a hassle for the parents

It is disturbing for parents to learn complex ideas and explain them to the kids. They do not have all the time in the world to sit with their child and explain the work process.

4. They take too much time

Free time is the best time to improve child’s learning and development. Home tasks take too much time for student to focus on anything else

5. They might become a reason for dropouts

Study shows that most students dropped out from school because they were unable to keep up with home assignments

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