Facts and Myths about Homework - Help Me Figure It out

Ah, the dreaded homework, the activity millions of students dread doing and often find a real pain in the backside. And there certainly are both facts and myths about homework and in this article we look at both of them.

As far as facts are concerned there has long been a demand about whether or not homework is actually good for a student. Regardless of the result of that debate, students continue to be given homework assignments.

One of the best approaches a teacher or parent can take to a recalcitrant student is to say that it's got to be done and so the sooner you get on with it and learn how to self-organize and tackle it the better for everyone.

A clever teacher will provide a student with homework in a way that the student enjoys tackling the subject. For example if a student has a great interest in prehistoric animals then setting a written assignment or a science homework activity featuring the student’s pet hobby is far more likely to generate some enthusiasm on behalf of the student.

The online world is abuzz with homework

You don't have to look very far online to find there are hundreds if not thousands of websites designed to help students tackle their homework. When you think about it a student is often away from school and away from their teacher and peers when they tackle their homework. Being able to access a website with answers to homework questions or join a group or one-to-one tuition can seem like a heaven sent solution. Many parents now turn to online services to help their students tackle their homework.

The best way to tackle any homework assignment is to establish a routine. This involves doing your homework at the same time in the same place in the same way whenever homework is required. It becomes a habit. Of course the area in which the student is working should be distraction free, it should be well lit and the desk and chair should be ergonomically sound.

One really important myth about homework is that if you get all the answers right to a particular assignment you will automatically do well in your tests and exams in school time. This might be true but the emphasis is on the word might. Every student needs to have an understanding of the homework they are doing and not just select the correct answer.

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