What to do if you can’t solve math’s assignment

Mathematics is a demanding subject and it needs full attention and interest. Without taking interest in it, nobody can learn it. There is nothing to be crammed, all is logic based. Mathematical laws can never be wrong because they have been practiced by millions of people for centuries. So knowing the basics of mathematics is the first step to solve the math related problems.

Some students are naturally skilled in math’s, they can do better calculations, while other needs a lot of efforts to put. Naturally skilled students also need practice as without practice one can forget the rules and laws.

  • Practice a lot
  • Practice makes the man perfect. Practice can teach you any formula, any problem very easily. Make a habit of giving 30 minutes to your practice each day. Practice will increase your writing speed and your calculations. Result will start coming to your mind instantly. Keep a register with you, in which you will be practicing your math’s problems. Try to learn from the solved examples and start writing the steps to learn the problems.

  • Get help from a friend
  • What are friends for? Friends are always there to help you. Search in your friends; who is good at solving math’s problems. Spend more time with him. You can do the practice at the break time or by planning study schedule together. You can call him at your place and could visit his place.

  • Learn the basics
  • Basics are the first step towards success. Math’s basics are never going to be changed. Once you have learned them you could get a grip on them. This will sharpen your skills and would help you in doing the calculations without using calculator.

  • Never be a backbencher
  • Avoid sitting at the back benches or the place, where teacher is not audible or you are facing other problems, like board is away from your sight or it’s not very clearly visible to you, or you are having other troubles that are making it difficult to you to understand the lecture. Try to sit on the front desks to understand the lecture properly. Never miss the lectures as if you will miss one lecture or two, you won’t be able to understand the next chapters. As they all are almost similar and same method is used in solving problems.

  • Ask a lot of questions
  • Asking question can help you a lot. The more you ask the more you learn.

  • Look for help online
  • You should look for a help online if could not find any solution.

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