A School with No-Homework Policy: How to Find It

For as long as the education system has been active, homework has been around for just as long. All schools generally have a responsibility to assign homework to students to the point where if it's a weekday and a student claims they do not have homework, it comes across as suspicious.

The new argument however is that a student spends a large part of their young like carrying a workload that only increases over the years as they progress through their grades and it takes away from their family time. Whatever the argument is, there are schools that are actually taking a no-homework policy seriously, that a parent and a student have the option to look into. Here we look at the logic behind homework and present some ways to find a school with a no-homework policy.

From The beginning

First Starting from kindergarten, a student will gradually begin to bring home assignments which begins the habit of eventually doing homework later down the line. Many parents see arts and crafts that end up on the fridge. Whether that's really intentional or not is something different altogether, but at a certain point in the student's academic life, there is always a possibility that they will fall out of favor with these habits. Some of the reasons for this are:

  • Falls behind and gives up
  • Is easily distracted
  • Expectations are set too high

All of these have immediate solutions presented by the school and with the help of the parents, they can be solved. But that's more investment than most families expect and forces them to conclude that completing homework is the only way to solve the problem, without considering that homework may not be part of the picture after all.

Navigating Prospects

Just like it's unusual for a student to not have homework to do, it's also unusual for the student to actively be looking for a school with a no-homework policy. But in this internet connected world, if the school is promoting it, it will likely be on the school's site. Of course, this is usually not the case. Here are some clues for what areas to look in for these unconventional schools.

  • Check the school district: School district locations have all the information on their schools for the student's area in the community that should keep track of these programs.
  • Look for private schools: These are schools that are separate from the school districts and most of them are likely to practice no-homework policies. They're generally more expensive but that is an option.
  • Opted out state: There are some states who have taken a broad policy of banning homework, or are at least writing bills for it.

New Approach

For the obvious reason schools with no-homework policies have started a debate among many people as to what this does for the ideology behind these efforts. Such is the case with actual state bans. The same schools that have this policy are also in the game of getting their students ready for competitive universities. So enforcing a no-homework policy probably works just as well to prepare a student than a school that doesn't enforce one.

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